Vision™ Acoustic BAFFLES

The Vision™ Acoustic Baffle Systems are an easy to install replacement to standard ceiling tile systems. Vision™ Acoustic Baffles are an aesthetically pleasing and high performance ceiling solution that provides exceptional noise reduction. Vision™ Acoustic Baffles are ideally suited for large noisy spaces in education, institutional, retail, restaurants and airport projects.




  • Comes complete with hardware to install Vision™ Acoustic 1/2’’ baffles
  • Easy to install ceiling solution
  • Sound absorption range: alpha w 0.7 – 0.9 / NRC 0.65 – 0.9*
  • The raw material Vision™ Acoustic 12mm panel achieves alpha w 0.8 / NRC 0.85 (200mm airgap)
  • The raw material Vision™ Acoustic 24mm panel achieves alpha w 0.82 / NRC 0.9 (150mm airgap), alphaw 0.95 / NRC 0.95 (200mm airgap)
  • Customizable size, baffle spacing and baffle depth
  • Creates a unique texture and aesthetic for ceilings
  • Create custom designs and shapes
  • Flat packed for cost effective transport