Vision™ Acoustic PANELS


Vision™ Acoustic 1/2” Panels is the perfect solution for your application where sound reduction as well aesthetics are required. Vision™ Acoustic  wide range of colors and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality, educational and institutional projects.


  • Cost effective sound absorbing solution ranging between 0.45-0.90 NRC
  • 9’ long panels ideal for joint-free floor to ceiling applications
  • Broad range of neutral and bright colors
  • Suitable for a multitude of applications – walls, ceilings, screens, partitions, millwork
  • Easily fabricated and installed
  • Color is uniform through entire thickness
  • Tackable

Acoustic Solutions

Vision™ Acoustic Solutions collection features sophisticated, intelligent and highly functional acoustic panels, acoustic screens and acoustic tiles for walls and ceilings. Our wide range of acoustic products are designed for the environment, easy to install and provide sound absorption to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors.