Vision™ Acoustic PATTERNS

Experience our range of classic to contemporary design patterns cut out of Vision™ Acoustic. Whether it is the Vision™ Acoustic pattern layer only or the Vision™ Acoustic pattern on a matching or contrasting solid Vision™ Acoustic Panel as the backer, it will create a unique look for walls, dividers, or ceilings. In just the one product you will find style, texture, contrast and depth with the added benefit of sound absorption and sound refraction to create a harmonious environment. The two layers of Vision™ Acoustic Patterns also increases the NRC value.


  • NRC = 0.35 – 0.85 depending on design and installation method
  • To use as pattern layer only or the pattern layer with Vision™ Acoustic 1/2” backing
  • Easy installation using Z-clips, adhesive or other mechanical mounting methods
  • Tone-on-tone or two tone color combinations
  • Ability to easily customize design for specific project requirements
  • Apply directly to walls or ceilings or use as room dividers